02 -The Swashbucklers

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This post is about the Swashbuckler’s, The Rouge’s, The Adventurer’s. Those who seek adventure for its own sake and refuse to follow the beaten path.

As most Overlanders know, there are really only three choices in an expedition vehicle, Land Rover, Toyota and Jeep. You can choose whatever order you suits your tastes, but these three are by far the top contenders for the top slot of ideal overland rig. The aftermarket is massive and the online information and support communities are far to vast to list.
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01 – Overlanding

My Tacoma

What is Overlanding?

Overlanding: Self-reliant, vehicle dependent, overland travel to remote destinations where the journey is the principle goal.

As the term “Overlanding” gains popularity and acceptance in American culture, more and more ideas about what Overlanding is and is not will get mixed in to the discussion. A lot of this has to do with the way we define certain words. Let’s break down the official definition.





I am no stranger to the world of blogging, however this is my first attempt at using WordPress. I ran a successful blog for a number of years on another sight before stopping. It wasn’t that I was low on content, there is always something to write about. It was just not what I wanted in a blogging platform anymore. After a lot of searching, and a lot of research, I finally decided to something with the WordPress account I created years ago.

It has been said that when starting a blog, you should know what your first post is going to be, as well as your 20th. I am not sure I agree with that. I prefer a more organic approach to blogging, allowing the site to take on a life of its own. It has worked well for me in the past and I am sure it will work well here as well. In fact, my old blog still receives regular daily traffic. It’s just that I haven’t updated in a very long time and I have no plans to.

So, what is this blog is going to be? What is the focus? What is the target audience? All good questions that I hope will be answered in the fullness of time. Until then, I invite you to join me on this endeavor. It probably won’t last forever. Then again, what does?