04 – Oregon Trail Off-Road


Oregon Trail Off-Road has a mission: To traverse (as much as they can) the entirety of the Oregon Trail, backwards.

The original Oregon Trail, as traveled by the famous Lewis & Clark expedition, began in Independence, Missouri and ended in Oregon City, Oregon. At the time, the Roughly 2,200 mile journey had never been completed before and much of the burgeoning nation that we now call The United Sates of America was largely unsettled, unexplored, and no maps existed to even show the true boundaries of what the nation actually possessed.
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03 РSuspension 


Pictured above are the Bilstein 5100 ride height adjustable shocks. For my 2013 Toyota Tacoma, this was a pending upgrade for quite some time. This post is part review, part thoughts on choosing suspension for your Overlanding Vehicle.

Let me start by saying that stock suspension on the second generation Toyota Tacoma is very good. With the TRD Off-Road package and four wheel drive the truck is amazingly more capable than most would give it credit for as it does very well right from the factory.
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