11 – Sourcing Parts 

Sourcing parts for a vehicle as rare as the Isuzu Vehicross can be a challenge, and so far it has been. Mechanically, the parts are easy to find. Transmission, engine, even the AC compressor can all be found fairly easily. However, when it comes to body / trim parts, these can take more time and effort. I would check in with the Vehicross Facebook Group, but the only admin listed for the page seems to be AWOL and hasn’t added any new members for quite some time. I have resorted to blindly messaging individual members asking for the part I need.

The part I need is called a Belt Weather Strip and it runs along the bottom of the passenger window to keep the rain out of the door. Other than factory OEM badging, it is the only exterior piece the VX is currently missing. I didn’t even notice that was missing until after I got it home and started to clean it up. I can order it from Japan, and I may yet have to do that, but I would prefer to find a local source (even a used one) that I could get much faster than the 8+ weeks an overseas shipment will take.

The part number from Isuzu is 8972217290, if anyone is interested, and is shown in the above image as item #7. Yes, it is really cool to own such a rare vehicle. It will be even cooler once it is ready for Overlanding. Before all that happens I need to get it not just trail ready, but road ready. Getting the drivetrain functional was only the first step in what I am sure is to be a long process.

Now that it can drive under it’s own power, I need a complete service done. We’re talking about every single fluid and grease point. Engine Oil, Radiator Fluid, Transfer Case, both Differentials need new fluid, even the windshield washer fluid. All of that should get it road ready. The list for trail ready is even longer.

So how much is all of this costing? You need to service and care for any vehicle you own, even new ones. This is especially true if you travel into remote locations. Those costs won’t be tallied into the total as they are costs that every vehicle owner must endure. I also won’t include the cost for gas, tags, insurance, title fees, and the like. Again, these are all costs that every car owner, overlander or not, must accept as a part of driving.

What is included? Well, the price of the vehicle itself and any parts I have to replace (or add on) that wouldn’t otherwise be covered in a “normal” service. So far I am in for $1800 for the vehicle, and the exterior trim piece I need is looking to cost around $50-60 U.S.. So still under $1900 for a running 4 wheel drive. Not a bad deal in my book, so far anyway.

Until next time …


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