16 – Maintenance

It’s not the sexiest thing in the world. In fact, it is probably the most avoided task of just about every person that owns a vehicle. Regular maintenance is, however, extremely important. This one task can make the difference between a break down and an amazing adventure. Of course, there are those who say, “It isn’t an adventure until something goes wrong.”

For the most part, I agree with that, to a point. Yes, the unexpected can and will happen. These are the times when stories of overcoming adversity are born. They seem to grow with every re-telling, with every detail nuanced, every line practiced, all for the sake of the listener. These are good stories.

Not-so god stories are how you dropped a driveline, due to a broken universal joint, that hadn’t been serviced in more 100,000 miles. Most people will get no sympathy with that story and rightly so.

Even if you no longer have the original owners manual for your ride, the full maintenance schedule can be found with a simple good search. Take care of your ride and it will take care of you.

As I said, it’s not the sexiest things to do. But making the top of the hill is a lot sexier than something breaking on the way up. Yes, this is a short post, but one that needed to be posted.

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One thought on “16 – Maintenance

  1. I’ve spent a lot of time this year working on maintenance. Part of that reason is maintenance is relatively cheap compared to the cost of outfitting the Jeep with new tires, winches, bull bars and more. There is no excuse for preventative maintenance.

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