27 – Trip Planning

Planning an extended trip can be frustrating and costly. I myself am planning a trip in my little Isuzu Vehicross. More than one actually. As my budget build progresses, I will need to test the capabilities and the reliability of the Vehicross before I take it on extended trips.

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26 – Project Management

Have you ever started something only to find out as you go along that it is becoming more complex than you had originally thought it would be? That is the case with my little Isuzu. That is not to say it is beyond my skill level, but it can seem overwhelming at times. In this post I will cover all of the incomplete projects that I have either started, or at least have started to gather parts for.

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25 – The wait is over

Today, I took my wife and my Isuzu Vehicross past the pavement for the first since I purchased it at the end of June. It was a short day trip, granted, but it was a perfect fall day for such a drive. The goal was a shakedown run to test not only the massive amount of repair work, but also to test the capabilities of the Torque On Demand (TOD) system that Isuzu 4×4’s are (in)famous for.

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24 – The Real Cost

When searching for an adventure vehicle, there is a lot to consider. Things like how many people it will need to seat (or animals), how remote you plan on getting before coming back again, expected terrain to overcome, and more are all valid consideration that should be addressed. Another question, a very important one, is weather or not to buy new, or used. This post will explore my own experiences.

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21 – Rehabilitating a basket case …

There comes a point in the life of every vehicle when sending it to a recycling center makes more sense than repairing it any further. This is true of many vehicles, and even more so for those that are used to seek off-road adventures. Misshap’s, accidents, trail damage, and even roll over’s can mean the end for an unlucky vehicle.

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