11 – Sourcing Parts 

Sourcing parts for a vehicle as rare as the Isuzu Vehicross can be a challenge, and so far it has been. Mechanically, the parts are easy to find. Transmission, engine, even the AC compressor can all be found fairly easily. However, when it comes to body / trim parts, these can take more time and effort. I would check in with the Vehicross Facebook Group, but the only admin listed for the page seems to be AWOL and hasn’t added any new members for quite some time. I have resorted to blindly messaging individual members asking for the part I need.
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10 – A new start

I know it’s been a while, a long while since I last updated this blog. Work, family, responsibility, they can all conspire to burn through time. Sometimes, you have to make the time to do things we love or face an eternity of doldrum. After more than a year of working for career advancement I have found that I am not as happy as I was when I was out on some adventure, even the small ones count. Perhaps the small ones count most of all.
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09 – Working in the dark



When traveling, it is inevitable that at some point you will need to do something outside of the vehicle and in the dark. While many parking lots are well lit, as travelers we often find ourselves far away from city lights. In fact, that is often the goal. You may need to change a tire, prepare a meal, fiddle with some bit of kit, or even look at a map.
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07 – Radio Communications

There is a point when traveling when you will look down at your cell phone and see no service. This is where civilization ends for most people and where the real adventure begins. But what if your traveling in convoy? Do you stop everything so you can get out and ask a question of the next vehicle? Fortunatly we live in the 21’st century and there are solutions.
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05 – Caps and Shells



When it comes to Overlanding, at least in a truck, you will spend at least some time worrying about whatever gear you have stowed in the bed. Is it getting rained on? Snow? Are there people around who may want to take your stuff?

Caps, covers, camper shells, shells, whatever you call them they provide a basic, almost primal service; piece of mind. Sure, all of this can be fixed by not getting a “truck” in the first place. A nice Land Cruiser, Land Rover or just about any SUV style vehicle solves this problem with no added cost. Everything can be buttoned up tight, safe and sound from the baddies. Trucks, for the most part, have a longer wheel base than SUV’s as well, making steep angles more challenging. So why bother?
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