31 – Budget update

I know, I know … no one likes to talk about money. But there is always a cost, especially with four wheel drive. So before we get started, I should point out that I paid only $1800 for the Isuzu Vehicross, and it did not move under it’s power when I got it. Basically, it was a pile of crap that I have been trying to save from the scrap heap. My wife? She thinks I should have picked a different vehicle all together. Don’t get me wrong, she thinks it’s “cute”, but after almost a year and only being able to go off-road once in all that time is taking it’s toll on her confidence. Not just in the Vehicross but, I think, in me as well.

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29 – The Ulitmate Budget Winch?



I have always believed that anything is possible. This is true of just about any goal you can name. Everything from learning to shave as a young man to going to the moon and beyond is all within the reach of each of us. As a species we humans are endlessly  adaptable and our unique ability to solve complex problems has enabled the greatest innovations the wold has ever known. My goal is not to go to the moon, but rather to go Overlanding.

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26 – Project Management

Have you ever started something only to find out as you go along that it is becoming more complex than you had originally thought it would be? That is the case with my little Isuzu. That is not to say it is beyond my skill level, but it can seem overwhelming at times. In this post I will cover all of the incomplete projects that I have either started, or at least have started to gather parts for.

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